Please check this page from time to time for updates!

We hope to have images for all the mentioned tutorials available on the workshop computers. Please check the whiteboard during the tutorial for details.


Upon login, all software should be setup correctly. You can test that in a terminal by typing:

which process
which ipmosflm
which xds_par
which pointless

If this doesn't work (ie. you get an error message):

source /apps/admin/
source /apps/zcam2012-03/GPhL/

If you brought your own data: please place them into a subdirectory with your own name (so things don't get too messy).

Existing tutorials

There should also be data from the MOSFLM tutorial in ~/mosflm.

Working with your own data

Once you copied your data over (e.g. into /home/student1/JoeMiller), you should start with checking if the image headers can be read. Let's assume you have images named test_001.img, this can be done with:

imginfo test_001.img

Does it return the expected values?

Then, try running autoPROC with all defaults, like

process -d 01 | tee 01.lis


Have a look at the various messages (NOTE and WARNING messages ... hopefully no ERROR): do they make sense? Is there something interesting or unexpected?