[sharp-discuss] Problems running SHARP in browser and in ccp4i

Clemens Vonrhein vonrhein at globalphasing.com
Wed May 2 07:33:08 BST 2007

Dear Brett,

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 12:11:45PM +1000, Brett Collins wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am running SHARP/autoSHARP on an intel mac running OSX 10.4.9. I am  
> having two (probably unrelated) problems.
> Firstly when I run autoSHARP through a firefox web broswer it works  
> fine, but when I try and run SHARP the new sharp input editor that  
> opens up has the normal three panels but other than that is blank.   
> Is there something simple I have overlooked.

Make sure to allow pop-ups in your firefox configuration (at least for
the SHARP server). Also: make sure the files in your
sharpfiles/datafiles directory are readable by the user/account that
is running the httpd.

Also: maybe the file $BDG_home/sushi/logs/error_log has some
additional info?

> Secondly I tried running autoSHARP using the ccp4i GUI but it crashes  
> with an error stating that it cannot open firefox (although this  
> seems to open OK for example when I open a help file from the ccp4i  
> GUI).

The autoSHARP CCP4i interface tries to start a browser as configured:
have a look (from the main CCP4 window) in

  System Administration
    --> Configure Interface
        --> External Programs
            --> Hypertext Viewer

Maybe you need to put the full path to firefox in there?

> The actual output is
> # If a browser didn't automatically open the following
> # file, please open
> #
> #     /Users/b.collins/26B/c4/106_autoSHARP/autoSHARP.0/ 
> LISTautoSHARP.html
> #
> # in a browser (like firefox, mozilla etc)
> #
> As far as I can tell there is no file LISTautoSHARP.html

That's a bit funny ... it should create that file/job, even if it
can't fire up the browser ...

> an then...
> #CCP4I TERMINATION STATUS 0 Error from script /Users/b.collins/.CCP4/ 
> CCP4I_TOP/scripts/autoSHARP.script: couldn't execute "firefox": no  
> such file or directory
> #CCP4I TERMINATION TIME 02 May 2007  11:51:51
> #CCP4I TERMINATION OUTPUT_FILES   /Users/b.collins/26B/ 
> c4/106_autoSHARP/autoSHARP.0 /Users/b.collins/26B/c4/106_autoSHARP/ 
> autoSHARP.0/.autoSHARP 26B
> #CCP4I MESSAGE Task failed
> Again is there something simple that I haven't configured properly.

I would recommend running autoSHARP through the httpd-based interface
(instead of the CCP4i one): you get more features with it (looking at
maps, analysing LLG maps, fine-tuning density modification, difference
Fourier maps, adding more datasets etc etc).



> Thanks in advance
> Brett
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