Transfering user information from old to new installation

Sometimes a large number of users need to be moved from one SHARP/autoSHARP installation to another, new installation - so that they can seamlessly use the new software through the Sushi/httpd interface.

We provide a script that should help here. Run it with

% /where/ever/old/sharp /where/ever/new/sharp

to see what it would do to move all configured/existing users from the SHARP/autoSHARP installation in /where/ever/old/sharp to the new installation in /where/ever/new/sharp. Of course, you'll have to adapt the directory names of those installations for your setup.

If you're happy and confident with the proposed actions, run the script again with the –f flag added, ie:

% -f /where/ever/old/sharp /where/ever/new/sharp

The script has extensive error checking, so we are fairly confident that it should not create any problems when used. However, we provide this tool without guarantee ... so use at your own risk.