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This is a hopefully organised resource of anything we at Global Phasing could be doing related to the Covid-19 outbreak. Feel free to use anything found here - and let us know of any issues, problems or ideas.

Other resources

There is lot of very good information available for the MX structural community: please make use of those. Here are some to get you started:

To lear how to (re-)process deposited raw X-ray diffraction, see also our autoPROC example page.

Potentially relevant PDB structures

  • CCP4 dictionaries were used if available (version 7.0.078)
  • BUSTER refinements included LSSR NCS restraints, TLS refinement and automatic water update
    • initial refinements were done fully automatic without any user intervention (unless stated otherwise on the relevant sub-page)

Please remember that none of these results are in any way supposed to provide the best/optimal refinement strategy: they have been done with a minimum of user intervention and it is very likely that other approaches, methods, software or users will come up with better interpretations. In cases where there could be a potential improvement on the original results, it is not meant as a critique of existing PDB depositions (which were done with the methods/software available at the time and sometimes under immense pressure): we are very grateful for all authors making their models and data available through the wwPDB!


The following list(s) are (mainly) based on

(Re-)refinements with BUSTER

Date Stage/Topic
20200317- automatic user-less refinements (take 1)
20200324 Looking at 5VZR work-in-progress
20200325 Looking at 6Y7M work-in-progress
20200415 Looking at 6LU7 and 6Y2F work-in-progress
20200421 Looking at 6W9C work-in-progress
20200422 Looking at radiation damage work-in-progress


  • 20200319: PDB entries 5R7Z, 5R80 and 5R83 were transformed to the more conventional (and consistent) C2 cell setting by re-indexing the deposited reflection data according to (h,k,l) -> (h+2l,k,-h-l).